While Oklahoma has started to improve its educational system, the reality is that we are still funding education below 2009 levels when adjusted for inflation.  Even in 2009, Oklahoma ranked at the bottom of funding for education.  Undoubtedly, money does not fix every problem; however, without sufficient funding, we cannot begin to address the real issues in our schools.  As a result, Collin is committed to fighting for increased education funding, as well as educational reforms to help Oklahoma move into the 21st Century.


As a result of Oklahoma's failure to expand medicaid, more and more rural healthcare providers are struggling to make ends meet.  This is not simply a rural problem either, as many urban hospitals provide care that ends up being unreimbursed, resulting in higher healthcare costs for everyone.  Collin is committed to ensuring that medicaid expansion is accomplished in Oklahoma so that more Oklahomans can have access to quality healthcare, including preventative care.


The Oklahoma criminal justice system has historically been tough on crime without being smart on crime.  We now know that drug courts and mental health courts save tax payers an average of $15,000.00 per individual.  As a result, Collin is working on legislation to help promote mental health courts statewide.  This is only one piece of the puzzle as we need to ensure that violent offenders are kept off of the streets, while non-violent offenders are afforded the opportunity to move towards self-sustainability and independence.