Collin is a product of public education and believes it is a cornerstone of our country. As an adjunct professor at Oklahoma City Community College teaching federal government, he saw first-hand what happens when our public education system is underfunded–students are unprepared for the next step, whether that’s more education or the workforce.  Collin’s sister-in-law is an 8th grade history teacher, so supporting our teachers is personal to him. From her, he’s heard the stories of shrinking budgets, frustration with having to “teach to the test,” and lack of support.  We already have the best natural resources to help our kids, as Oklahoma universities produce inspired and quality teachers year after year–but they are leaving for stronger support in other states. We need to keep them here by fully funding our classrooms.


Every day, soldiers are sacrificing in order to provide us with safety and security. It is our job to make sure that when they come back home they get the resources they need to take care of their mental and physical health. We need to provide better resources to veterans and the hospital staff.


We need to repair our existing roads and bridges and construct new bridges, roads and sidewalks in order to ensure the safety of our citizens. Every day our children walk to school where no sidewalks are built. It’s time our government takes care of these issues.

Mental Health

Oklahoma ranks towards the bottom for people who need mental health care. More than 630,000 people suffer from mental illness here in Oklahoma which is why it is essential to provide more support towards the department of mental health. More than 70% of the people in this state do not receive the support they need.  I promise to address this problem in the state legislature.